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Here is a selection of press voices on our project. Are you interested in featuring Models in the Raw? Would you like to know more? Mail us at hello@modelsintheraw.com for the Press Kit!

“Almost an installation, an evolving work of art on the web (…) exploring the being, the model, going to the real core of fashion beyond its ever-changing signs, and showing it to the viewers in its purest form.”

PLATEA magazine #1 Nov. 2015, online April 2016: http://platea-magazine.com/models-in-the-raw-photo-project-by-thomas-sing/

“We love the approach of Padovan and Sing, but most of all value the body of work they have created so far, showing their great eye to capture these interesting faces in a most sincere way.”

Another Something, April 2016: http://www.anothersomething.org/2016/04/13/models-in-the-raw/

“The models are able to take control of how they are perceived, an idea that is completely foreign to the modeling industry.”

Interview on Lola Who, May 2016: http://www.lolawho.com/models-raw-interview-thomas-sing-chiara-padovan/