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Zoe Jung / SEEDS

shot in Berlin on June 19th, 2016 / published on September 12th, 2016

Here we go with another Berlin round. Zoe moved to the city as she was only 4 months old. She has been literally growing up with her city, they share a story of development and constant adjustment, they share a spirit. The spirit we love and that she has being trying to document in her own first venture into film making. Join us on our walk through the Island of Youth & enjoy this new exclusive feature!

Berlin has changed rapidly and is still changing by the day. Do you feel this restlessness has affected your way of life?

Yes it does, but my friends and my own world are still the same. Sometimes though I fear that my safety is being endangered because of the disappearing “Berlin feeling” in certain neighbourhoods.

What is your favorite spot at the moment?

Going over the bridge at night when taking the U1 from Schlesisches Tor to Warschauer Straße.

While Berlin counts as a relatively young metropolis, you just came back from a 6 months stay in London. How have you experienced a city that, though with a strong modern edge, is solidly built on tradition?

London is a lot about survival; for me it felt like everyone was constantly worrying about money, however the flair of creativity and subcultures is present.

What was the most fascinating and the most weird about your London experience?

Both the most weird and most fascinating thing for me in London is the drastic difference between upper class and working class.

Was Brexit a bolt from the blue or could you already see it coming?

Everyone knew that it could be an option but no one really realized that the outcome would be that close because it is just so surreal.

You never run short of politics, as you told us you basically get it served for breakfast everyday at home. What is politics to you? Do you feel your generation should be engaging more in the actual debate?

Of course, politics are very interesting, but it is slightly sad that my generation is so focused on shit like social media and video games that they have forgotten how important it is to have a real voice in society.

But while the Brits had quite some issue to discuss over Summer, you are venturing into a whole different endeavour – film making. What is your project about? And what sparked the idea?

I want to make a short movie about growing up in Berlin. In the first place is it for me, to remember those years, but also want to show other people what it means at that age to live in such a big and always developing city, which provides so many opportunities.

What makes Berlin’s youth one of its own?

It’s a feeling, not a word.

We met at the very beginning, how is it going by now?

Good! I started to shoot some first clips with my best friend. I think it will take a while until it’s completely finished, but I’m happy with the first shoots.

Let’s have a little knock-out round:

in front or behind the camera?


documentary or fashion imagery?

art photography

indie or techno?

I literally love both; I often listen to indie when I’m alone, but dancing to techno is the best.

London or Berlin?

Berlin to live and start out, but London to work and to think bigger.

And if you were to fill a time capsule for the universe to get one day, what scene would you put in it?

My mum and I used to spend our summers on a island in Greece. I was around 6 years old and my mum and I walked down a hill back to our house. Suddenly we ended up in a wood glade and there were hundreds of glow worms. We sat there for an hour.

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