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shot in Paris, Oct. 1st, 2015 / published: Nov. 2nd, 2015

Fashion week is a great time to meet models from all over the world in the same city, so enlarging the cultural perspective of our project without travel budgets going all down the drain. But it is just as hectic. Schedules may get turned upside down within minutes and sometimes we have to pick a place just because it is on the way. We met Yudu in the Tuileries Garden, Parisians’ historic promenade next to the Louvre and photographic set of choice for a lot of Asian newly-weds, as we found out on with a pinch of amusement. It is a place you can hardly call intimate, but we had a lovely time nonetheless!

Thanks for meeting us, Yudu. What do you like most about Paris? Have you found time to see something while staying for fashion week?

Paris has such a unique mysterious atmosphere. I found the Parisians’ life wisdom and attitude very inspiring, and the big Macarons very tasty! In the process of finding my way to different castings, I am taking the local metro. But walking through the ancient streets is really the best way to feel the city itself for me, rather than going to the more touristic sites.

You were raised in the South of China and live now in Beijing, when you are not traveling the world as a model. Where do you feel at home?

Wherever the love is, the home is.

In Beijing, you have been studying sports with a focus on tennis. How important are sports in your everyday life?

Tennis has been accompanying me all the way while growing up. Without tennis, [we would share] no such moment.

Do you manage to play tennis while traveling? Where are the best courts?

I have been to different cities to attend competitions when I was teenager. But the best court? That’s probably in heaven!

If one day you could play a match with a famous player of your choice, who would you pick?


Being fit and focused is essential to athletes and models alike. Are there things you enjoy about working in fashion that you miss in sports? Or do the similarities overweight the differences?

They do share traits in a lot of aspects. You have the training, the competition, the team work. You could even say my agent is my coach! They truly are so much alike!

You are a girl of many talents. Beside modeling and sports, art seems to be on your agenda, too! Tell us a bit about you painting. What are your themes?

To be honest, there is not a specific theme for me to paint, I just draw it done or make it happen when I feel it. I like to use different materials and techniques to create, depending on what is handy, in a spontaneous way.

Where do you find inspiration?

It can be a falling leaf, a stone I found on the beach. The happiness, sadness, warmness I felt on the way while traveling, or just daily life.

With all the things you are passionate about, what is your recipe for happiness?

Be nice, strong and with a grateful heart. Cherish what you have.


©modelsintheraw.com / photos: Thomas Sing / text: Chiara Padovan