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Sophie Hicks / Select

shot in London, Sept. 3rd, 2015 / published: Dec. 7th, 2015

Sometimes the lines of our journey cross the lines of our models’ life. As we landed in London in September we got to meet Sophie Hicks, who was just moving into the city herself. The streets we explored were new to her as they were new to us. The excitment for whatever the future might bring was mutual. And even if our ways were set to part, we can still say we shared the beginning of a new chapter in our respective journeys. Enjoy this new feature!

Thanks for meeting us, Sophie! You are originally from Birmingham and were first scouted by Select at 14 during the Clothes Live Show, where you got to walk on stage. The show is a crowd puller, it must have been a thrill to be up there. How did it feel?

Well, to be very honest I was so scared! I was so young that I didn’t know what was happening, or what to do. As soon as I was up there I was so nervous. Watching all the select models do their thing on the runway was inspiring so when it was my go obviously I had no experience but it was a lot of fun! Having the music and the crowd, it was much more fun than I expected. As soon as it was over I wanted to do it again!

When did you decide, you really wanted to pursue a full-time modeling career?

I think the first time I did a job, which was Bliss magazine, was when I wanted to pursue it more because I had a lot of fun! I was only around 15 so I did have school and then sixth form to do before I could think about modeling full time. But as I got older and had more castings and jobs I wanted to take it very seriously so that’s what I’m doing right now.

You are now done with school and are moving to London. More precisely to Notting Hill. What drew you to this neighbourhood?

I love Notting Hill! I think I love it so much because there is so much going on, and it’s such a cute area! I’m living on Portobello road and I’m excited to see the market everyone goes on about! I just love the vibe of the area, how there is so much to do, so much to look at. The first time I stayed down there was the day after the Notting Hill Carnival, and I definitely want to go to that!

What are you expecting from your new life in London? What will you be missing about Birmingham?

Honestly living in London has always been something I’ve wanted to do, I love everything about it. How you go on the tube and each stop is somewhere new, a completely different vibe and I love that! I think London is a great place to start something new because it’s London, haha, everything is right there! I think I’m just expecting something new and I’m happy for change, I am happy to be somewhere completely different to where home is. I am very excited! I will miss home, family, friends but I have lived in my little town Bewdley for a very long time and I feel it’s my time to start a life on my own, my own adventure.

Is working abroad something you are looking forward to? What destinations would be up on your wish-list?

Oh my god yes! I remember when I was young and I didn’t really understand what modeling was, my family said to me “but think of all the places you could go to” and I was like, wait what I travel?!? I think that’s something extremely exciting to work in different places all over the world! Places I would love to go to, that’s so hard to pick, there’s loads! Hot places is all I can say, haha. The sand, the sea and the sun! Hawaii is a dream!

We have been out in Soho for the pictures. Soho is famous for its music scene and so is Birmingham, with a lot of popular bands and musicians coming from there. How important is music to you? Do you have a favorite artist or band or do you rather pick a song depending on your mood? What have you been listening to lately?

Music is very important to me because it has the power to change my mood. I love that because when I’m upset or depressed I can put on like Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift and it boosts my mood up! I like a variety of music but especially happy music! Recentely Justin Bieber What Do You Mean? and Calvin Harris How Deep Is Your Love have been on replay! I have warmed up to The Weeknd but nothing will take over my love for Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, haha!


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