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Rochana Johnson-May /Premier

shot in Brighton, Sept. 5th, 2015 / published: Sept. 28th, 2015

We are excited to broaden the horizon of this project with a new, unexpected destination. On our stop in the UK, we followed Rochana’s invitation to one of her favourite places. Within a two hours train ride from London, we got to the coast and then up to the hills where we could enjoy a beautiful view on Brighton. We walked past horses and donkeys, met some dogs and got to enjoy some precious time in the country.

Thank you, Rochana, for picking Mile Oak as the location for our meeting. It stunned me as very picturesque with its hills, the shrubs and trees, the sea in the background and the cloudy sky. The view over the city and the sea is incredible. I couldn’t have been asking for a better place. What do you like most about it?

I love the South Downs as well! I really like the sense of community up there. Everyone you pass is polite and will always say hi etc, which is really lovely. I also really enjoy the fresh air and sense of freedom that I have when I’m on a run.

Although you love to spend time out in the nature, you grew up in South London and moved later to Brighton with your family. Did your life change significantly after moving to the coast?

Nothing drastic!

Brighton seems a very lively place with plenty of live music and events, do you ever miss the big city?

Brighton’s great but I’m regularly in London anyway as it’s so close, which is great.

Speaking of music, you’ve been singing along all through our walk through the fields, which was extremely charming. You said you love all kinds of music one can dance to and that you went Glastonbury this summer. What is the festival to you? And what was your highlight?

I enjoyed the festival so much – there’s always so much going on and there were so many acts that I enjoyed so much more than I’d anticipated. I loved watching Lionel Ritchie on the Pyramid Stage then looking back and seeing the biggest crowd of people dancing that I’ve ever seen before. It was incredible.

You have 2 sisters, one older and one younger, but you are just 1 year apart from each other. So you basically spent most of your lives together. Was there ever much drama or competition within the three of you while growing up?

We’ve always gotten on really well – they’re two of my best friends.

You’ve been with a model agency from the age of 11. How did it happen? And have your sisters been supportive from the start?

I was scouted at a concert. My sisters have always been great.

Rochana, we wish you best of luck for everything may come your way. But before we end it here: you said you’ve baked blackberry crumbles with berries from Mile Oak. Do you have a special recipe and if yes, can we have it?

I don’t follow a recipe, I just go with it and see how it turns out – it’s a pretty simple thing to whip up quickly!


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