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Rita Schneeberger / SP

shot in Innsbruck on Dec. 13th, 2015 / published on May 2nd, 2016

The first time we run into Rita was on set for an editorial production in Vienna. We loved her vibe, both relaxed and outgoing, just as her looks. She has got something soft and minimalistic that resonates with us. And so we were glad we could meet again in Innsbruck on a clear and sunny Winter day for an exclusive and personal feature for Models in the Raw. She picked us up at her agency for a morning walk after little sleep and we had the chance to take some snaps at her boyfriend’s place, which was truly a perfect fit for some portraits of this student of architecture, with its mix of old apartment flair and modern design classics. So enjoy our talk and the pictures!

It was great to meet you again in Innsbruck, Rita! As a local, what do you like most about your city?

What I love about Innsbruck is the unique combination of city and nature. On the one hand you have all the benefits of living in the city and on the other you can easily reconnect with nature at any time, because it surrounds the whole city.

Our editor grew up in the mountains and still says to feel most at home when she can at least see them in the distance. Do you share a similar feeling? Like an inner connection to the mountains?

In my experience most of the people coming from flat areas can not really share the feeling of living directly between the mountains. But living here makes me feel somehow safe and sheltered.

Innsbruck is still your home as a student of architecture. Architecture is always a mirror of its time and culture. Which impulses in contemporary architecture do you feel most drawn to?

What I love about contemporary architecture is its complexity. It does not concentrate only strictly on architecture but also on other aspects, like the human itself and all its perceptions.

Designs are often referred to as architectural and then there were prominent figures like Gianfranco Ferré, who had a degree in architecture before moving on to designing garments. Are you actually interested in this aspect of fashion?

I am, not only as a student of architecture but also as a model. In my mind architecture is connected to many different disciplines. You can easily discover many influences that architecture has on fashion or the other way around.

Students of architecture are said to be very busy and to end up with little sleep. Are you the kind of person that actually enjoys being busy or can’t you wait for the week-end to get a proper sleep?

It is sometimes very difficult for me to decide whether I am going to bed or stay up working on some projects. Most of the time I stay up, but towards the end of the week I start preferring the sleep option. I am always trying to get a kind of balance!

Is traveling something you enjoy? If so, how do you plan a trip?

I really do enjoy travelling, and though I have not travelled that much in my life I enjoyed every second I did. Most of the time I am looking for a sort of mix between scheduling the journey and just wandering around. But I am planning to go on a bigger adventure in the next years and then I would really like to just let everything happen.

What has been your favorite destination so far?

I really enjoy going to Italy, especially Tuscany! I love the culture and the people there. Italians just have that special way of living. Just being in the moment and enjoying every second.

When you are not on the move and can leave all the work aside, what makes your world go round?

In my leisure time I love to spend time with my friends and beloved ones. Whether going out in the evening or just drinking coffee, they make me feel loved and safe and I would never want to replace anyone of them! I love to take walks with my family or having fun with my little sister, too. But what really makes my world go round is having a talk with my boyfriend or just staying in bed with him all day.

What makes for the perfect moment with a view over the mountains: sunset, sunrise or something else?

I really do love seeing the mountains and all their beauty, but what I most enjoy is having an amazing view over a big city. Pair that with a breathtaking sunset or sunrise and it would be the perfect view for me.


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