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Naïma Abt / M4

shot in Berlin, Nov. 13th, 2015 / published: Jan. 25th, 2016

It has been more than two months since our last Berlin feature and it’s high-time to bring you back there! We met Naïma on a sunny day in Fall, she suggested to meet at Gleisdreieck and have a walk through the park. Yet a new spot on our personal map! We can’t but love this city and all its different facets, just as we can’t deny all the Berliners we met on this journey struck us with an open-mind, but always one of their own. So we hope you’ll enjoy this new exclusive feature!

Thanks for finding some time to meet us, Naïma! As we met you came riding on your bike, straight out a poem analysis test at school. How did it go?

Thanks for having me! I think I did ok – I’m kind of good in writing. But I’m just glad I have one exam less to take.

You told us, you can’t wait to finish school. What are you most looking forward to after getting your diploma?

I am just so exhausted after 13 years of school where you are always told what to do and are never really allowed to wake up when and decide what you feel you would like to do on that day! That’s why I am most looking forward to do what I really want to do: Go to England, hopefully London, and do an internship at a model agency. I am really interested in fashion management and business administration in general. A model agency would be perfect to get an insight in this kind of world. Furthermore I want to improve my English. I also would like to travel to some places like New York, San Francisco and South America, to discover different lifestyles and cultures.

You and Katharina Dezer have become good friends, we heard. We had the pleasure to meet her some time ago. How did you first meet? Is there something in particular you share that made you become so close?

Katharina and I met at a go-see shooting in Summer 2015 and we got along from the first moment. Since then we’ve always stayed in touch and tried to see each other every time she was here in Berlin. It is funny because last week Katharina told me that she had signed with M4 right before me. So we started discovering the model world together. We started to exchange our positive and negative experiences in the modeling industry and to give one another advice. That forges a bond between us. She is always happy for me and I am always happy for her, when we get cool jobs. That is really awesome.

And since you probably do not see each other that often, how do you stay in touch?

We always text each other via whatsapp or snapchat and send pictures to one another. But I am really looking forward to the beginning of 2016 when Katharina is moving to Berlin for an internship. Then we will be able to hang out more regularly.

What is friendship to you?

My friends are really important to me and I am the kind of person that has three or four dates on one day just to see my friends as often as possible. That’s why I am not that often at home… But I love hanging out with my friends and kind of never get tired of it. To me, friendship is more about a bond between two persons that is able to last over time and distance. A lot of my friends went to foreign countries and even if we haven’t had contact for a long time when they came back nothing between us had changed. It happens also that I see some of my friends in Berlin just one or two times a month, but that doesn’t make us less close than we are. All of us are just way too busy! Anyway, I am really grateful for all of my friends and I would do anything for them. I don’t know what I would do without them.

You grew up speaking both German and French. And while you are living in Berlin with part of your family, your father lives in Paris now. Which one is the language of your dreams? And which one the city of your heart?

That’s difficult to answer. Even if I consider French as a very beautiful language, I have to admit I kind of really like German! The Berliner accent is just very funny and it is a part of Berlin, the best of all the cities I have been in my entire life. I just love all the different cultures that come together in Berlin. There are always new places to discover and this city is always on the move. I just love it here!

Talking about places of the heart… can we put your dance academy on that list? What is your favorite dance style and what is the thing about dance that gets you in the hall every day, no matter what?

Oh yes, most definitely. The dance studio Motions Berlin is my second home. I love it. It is the best place to dance but also to hang out and have fun afterwards. Sometimes when my friends and I are at a party near the dance studio and we don’t want go home, we even sleep there. The people are like my second family and the atmosphere is always really kind. I can’t imagine what I would do without the dance studio. I met so many good friends there! I think they are also the biggest reason for me to go to dance as often as possible! When I don’t see them for about 3 days, I start to really feel bad and to miss them. I know it is crazy. Dancing at the Motions dance centre is kind of an addiction for me. My favorite dance style is probably modern jazz lyrical because you are really able to express your emotions and be free. But I also love girly hip hop or dancehall, where you can be kind of sassy or even a bit aggressive…

What is the best tune to shake off all worries and get in a good mood right now?

Boy’s We were here or Wizkid’s Azonto!!! Depends on whether I feel more jazzy or hip hop that day!

Since you are successfully managing school, family and friends, your dancing lessons, a part-time job and modeling gigs, we can’t deny your organization talent.You said you could picture yourself swapping roles and becoming a booker in the future. What makes this job so interesting?

I just love the fashion industry and I would love to change some negative aspects of it. For example, that models have to be so skinny that they might compromise their health. Or the lack of diversity when it comes to Asian or Black models. The best way to change these aspects would be getting a leading role in this industry! That’s why I would like to not just be a booker but to manage an agency one day. And I really love to meet new people and to organize. These are two things I would be able to do a lot in that profession.

If you had the chance to plan a perfect day, how would you schedule it?

Sleep as long as I want to. Then, at maybe 11 a.m., get a big breakfast/brunch with some of my friends at a new cafe somewhere in Berlin. Take a walk to discover new places in Berlin. After that I would go and take a dance class from 4 to 6 pm! Afterwards, I’d chill at the dance studio for another hour and then go to have dinner somewhere! Probably something with chicken because I love chicken, or Asian food! Later on I would go to the cinema with some friends and watch a good movie. Late at night we would go to a bar, have a drink or go partying. I would also love to fit in a shooting in the morning and then have some time to bake a cake after the walk (I love cakes, I always get 5-7 cakes for my birthday…)! I guess I need a day with more than 24 hours…


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