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Mula Kos / Wiener

shot in Vienna, Oct. 13th, 2015 / published: Dec. 14th, 2015

As of lately, we have been hopping within our favorite cities but as we got a call for a job in Vienna we couldn’t miss the opportunity to take our own personal journey there, too. Vienna is an amazing city with an exceptional cultural offering, a lively tradition in music and arts, an interesting mix of architecture, wide green spaces and some culinary delights in store! And as if we had not plenty of reasons to love it already, now we have one more. And we are glad to share it introducing Mula Kos in this new exclusive feature!

Thanks for meeting us, Mula! For our feature we asked you to meet us in front of the Opera for a walk within the inner city. We thought it would be a good way to introduce your city. Do you think it was a good choice? Or is there a spot, you would have loved to show us instead?

I think it was a good choice to meet at the Opera.The first district is actually my favorite district in Vienna and one of the most beautiful. There are many other places I could have shown you that are as nice as that area, but i think it was a good choice.

Being a girl of Vienna, what do you feel are the best bits about being young right here right now?

I would say the best thing is that there are so many options in Vienna for how you can spend your free time. It’s a beautiful city. Especially when the weather is fine you can have a good time almost everywhere. My friends and I like to sit in Burggarten or Stadtpark.

At 15 you walked into Wiener Models on a open casting day and got picked right away. Since then you have been making your first steps working for Austrian magazines. Have you considered working as a model before walking into the agency that day?

No, it was actually a very spontaneous decision. My Family and my friends often told me that I should become a model but I never considered working as a model before I went to the casting. I loved it from the first shooting. I am also very interested in fashion, I think that’s why I love being a model even more.

You probably do remember the first time you saw yourself in a magazine. How did it feel?

Yes sure, I remember that. Seeing myself in „Miss“ for the first time was very cool but also a little bit awkward. At first I had to get used to seeing photos of myself in magazines, but by now it’s quite normal. Because I hadn’t seen the photos before they were published, I remember being positively surprised by the result of the shooting when I saw them for the first time.

You are still attending school and have all options ahead. What are the three things you would like to keep in your life, no matter what?

My family, my best friend, and my happiness.

If you could turn yourself into a comic character, how would you like it to be? Would you have any super power?

Cool question! It would look like me in a comic version and would live in the future, in a world where people could live on other planets and everyone could travel from planet to planet. My comic character would live on a planet where everyone has a different superpower. Mine would definitely be the power to fly.


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