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shot in Paris on Mar. 4th, 2016 / published on Apr. 18th, 2016

On our exploration of model apartments we run into Misty, a new-face at IMG on her first stay in Paris. After some days spent in a hotel she moved into a one room apartment with two other fellow models we will have the chance to introduce later on. But no matter how restricted their own 4 walls may have felt, right outside their door a world full of novelty was waiting to be explored. And the enthusiasm and curiosity of these young women is just contagious. Misty has been fulfilling her childhood dream of a life in Paris, even if just for a short time. With open eyes and a hungry heart, she has been running through the streets, wondering at everything: the people, their ways, the buildings, and all the street art. We are glad she found some time to share her impressions with us before heading back to school in Poland, where a heap of lessons must have been waiting for catch up. Enjoy this new exclusive feature!

Thanks for having us, Misty! Do you actually like that slightly spooky atmosphere of misty days? Or are you, despite your name, totally a sunshine person?

I am totally a sunshine person. My name does not come from my personality, but from my eyes. One day I did the video for IMG Paris in Poland. First thing you say is usually “Hi, my name is…” My real name is Aleksandra, but there are so many girls with this name in Poland, so should I pick another? Definitely no! One of the bookers saw my eyes and said “there are so many secrets in them”, like in the mist. And that’s the story of why I’m called Misty. I’m not sad all the time! I try be kind to everyone and always smile!

So if joy was a color, it would be…

It would definitely be pastel pink or white. I love these colors!

You said to be a creative person, where do you find inspiration? And what do you make out of it?

A place where I find a lot of inspiration is actually tumblr. I can find everything I want there. You just type the hashtag and then you’ll get so many pictures. My favorite tumblr blogs are these showing art connected to the body. The move of a hand or a neck, for example, that is so fragile and I love that. I think my soul is very fragile, too and that’s probably why I enjoy this kind of art. I am good at drawing but I have to be sad for that. I don’t know why! So when I am sad I just draw something like that. Sometimes I go looking for other models and how they pose, and then it is very helpful when everything is on one page. My other inspiration is music, I love Polish music so much. So what do I make out of all this, then? I listen to Polish rock with a black marker in my hand.

You have always dreamed of living in Paris. Now that you’re here for the very first time, are you still in love with the city?

When I was a child I always said “I will be living in Paris”, now I am here, in this wonderful city… and I want it so much more! Everything is so exciting. I love these old streets with the old buildings the most. I guess everyone loves Paris for that. When I am walking on one of the streets, I like watching the many people who are just sitting outside the restaurants and smoking cigarettes. I hate cigarettes, actually, but it looks as they have so much time for everything. Like there’s nothing else in the world and they have all the time to just finish their cigarette and coffee. As if time had stopped. I love Paris also for its style: Parisian people are so chic! I have so many reasons why I would like to live here. If you have ever been to Paris, maybe you know what I mean.

Did you actually make a check list of all the things you wanted to see before leaving? Or are you rather the one who goes with the flow?

Of course I made a list of places I wanted to see! Just before leaving I did a list called “Something I DO NOT KNOW about this” for every place. But then if you are staying for one month, you get to see the most important places almost every day. So I think the best is to go looking for something less popular than the Eiffel Tower. I mean something with a more Parisian flair, where you won’t find a lot of foreigners.

What are the best discoveries you have made so far? And the most unexpected?

If you mean at modeling, to be honest I don’t know… Friends from my agency in Poland told me so many things and I knew more or less what to expect. I think the most unexpected is how hard it is when you have to live in a city you don’t know, always with people you don’t know either. It’s like a new life and if someone says “it’s so easy”, then they definitely don’t know how it is. I love it but it is still really hard. But the most surprising thing is actually me being here in the first place. I still remember how I was sitting in the train on my way home, when my booker sent me the information: IMG wants me! Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m with IMG now! When it comes down to the best discoveries… I think the best is how important it is to be who you are. How important it is to be kind and still be kind even if someone is not so nice to you. It’s actually very simple but many still forget about this.

Since it’s not just your first time in Paris, but your first big trip on your own. What have you learned about yourself while exploring a new world and being surrounded by new people?

I have learned one very important lesson: don’t talk, just prove it! I think this is probably the most important thing. And I feel like I have changed. Now I love my family so much more and I kind of know what I want to do in the future. I want to see as many places as I can. And I know how important it is to be optimistic. If you really want something, you can do it, but you have to try and don’t give up. I think this was a change for the better!

If you could make a wish for the future…

I want to be happy. That’s all. I just want to feel happy with people who are important to me.  
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