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Lale Walter / M4

Shot in Berlin on June 20th, 2016 / published on September 12th, 2016

Summer break is over. We are back with a new logo, layout, and some great new features in the bag for you! We are starting just where we left – in Berlin. This time for a visit at Lale’s new place. So new, most of her stuff was still packed in boxes. Yet she delivers her energy straight to you, no wrapping could probably hold it in, anyway. And that suits our spontaneous, no-frills approach just fine! There is no better way to start into this new season: Enjoy!

Thanks for having us over, Lale! How many apartments have you lived in since you first moved out of your family home?

Wow, good question I never counted but lets see, I moved out of my parents place when I was 16 years old and had 5 apartments in Hamburg, my hometown. 2 in Capetown, and one in Milan. Now I have been living in Berlin since 1.5 years and had 2 apartments… so all together 10 apartments in 5 years.

Is sharing living space with others more of a choice or a necessity? And what makes a great flatmate?

When I lived the first time on my own I was almost never at home. I don’t enjoy eating alone so I´d meet friends for every meal or had them over to cook together. I’m a very communicative person and love to have good friends and beautiful souls at home. But I was working a lot, had to wake up early and came home late. I didn’t had the time to talk to my friends, to tell them about my adventures and experiences. Facetime is not the same. I came home every day and felt not balanced, at one point I had the feeling I’d explode if I couldn’t share my thoughts with someone. I guess that’s the point where other people get pets. I got a new flat with flatmates and felt fine again.

A great flatmate is interested in you as the person you are, not mad when you fall asleep on their bed or if you’re too busy to say hi&bye for one week. A great flatmate cooks for more than one person and lies for you if your mom rings the bell on Sunday morning at 9 am and you’re still partying. A great flatmate for me is a lot like a brother or sister but without the controlling part. You are sharing a flat, not a life or a family… I´m still in contact with all great flatmates I had, of course not with the ones I didn’t like, but with the ones I liked there is still a strong connection. We shared rooms, milk and toilet paper, hahaha, we will never forget each other!

So you’re not really planning to live all on your own anytime soon?


You made Berlin your base – what brought you here in the first place? What have you found so far? Is there actually anything you’re still missing?

I came to study music management, I found a crowded, colorful, wild city and a new me. I’m very disciplined and use 18 hours per day to live how I want. Studying, working, traveling, friends and party are the rhythm of my life. If there is something missing? 10 more hours per day please!

After 2 ½ years of modeling, are you getting a sort of routine? What is still keeping you excited, on the other hand?

Yes, definitely. I love my job and get better every day but if you’re working for the same client again and again you know what they want, what they expect and what they like. You’re not excited but you still do your best cause you always want them to book you again. That’s the biggest compliment a client can make and a sure sign you did a great job.

The last time I was really excited, was the Mille Collines fashion show at MBFW Johannesburg last Spring. I felt a special connection to the designers and their work, it was personally important to me to do a good job and present the message of the collection. An honor.

At least you get to swap the grey skies of Berlin for the South African sun every once in a while! Ain’t that a major perk of the job?

Traveling is the best part of it all. I think you don´t get to know a city by spending your holidays there or a weekend trip, you need to live or work there to get a feeling how the inhabitants think, how their lives work. You simply need to be a part of the city’s society to understand it.

Cape Town feels like a second home to me. I have friends, work and always a place to stay there. Honestly? I’m thinking about moving there in a few years.

Is there any trend / tradition / brand / food / music act in South Africa you’d love to see exported to Europe? What’s so special about it?

I love climbing up the Lions Head in the middle of Cape Town and enjoying the amazing view, people there are doing it as a daily workout – here in Berlin we’re going to gym. Mille Collines, the brand I walked for at the MBFW Johannesburg creates fashion to represent the successful, strong woman in Africa, living in a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city like Cape Town or Johannesburg. The concept wouldn’t work in Europe – obviously, cause the target group is based in Africa. A typical meal there ist ostrich, very delicate and healthy, my favorite meat. But actually I don`t want to see these typical things which make South Africa so special in Europe. We don’t need to consume everything everywhere, it sounds for me like a globalization overdose. Isn’t it the difference what we love about traveling? I think it’s always nice to experience food, trends and culture in the country of origin.

When you are not working as a model you are studying music management, which somehow catapults you on the other side of the table. What have you learned from each perspective? Are you feeling more at ease at managing or at being managed?

I learned to talk about money. My boyfriend and a lot of my friends are DJs and sometimes I negotiate salary for them. It’s not easy to talk with clients about fees, especially about your own. Cause I’m not personally involved in their business it’s easier for me to say what the artist wants – loud and strong.

On the other hand I’m very glad to have an agency which is doing the financial stuff for me… I could never manage myself in the model business.

What would be the job of your dreams as a music manager?

To organize festivals around the world. I would love to change this planet to a better place – but being realistic, that’s kind of impossible. So I dream about my own small world of freedom, good music and beautiful souls. Festivals all over the world, creating places free from social constrains and commercial values. Supporting international artist and real music, not this “Top-100-Hit-List” shit.

Music and fashion both revolve around scenes, do you feel you have found your own yet?

I would never narrow down myself to one scene or one role. Why should I? I’m a human. I change my taste, my view and my goals more often than the weather in Berlin! Better be a part of it all to keep creativity and an open mind, everywhere are influences! Why choosing one when you can have everything?

Let’s pretend you were yourself a rockstar. What would you be most talked about in the press? Your style, your moves, or your scandals?

Oh wow. Probably my scandals. I moved out when I was 16 and do always what I want, my own responsibility. But people who don´t know me may not understand my view of life. I’m glad I’m not a rockstar, it has to be challenging to always think about what others think about you. And in the end you would do what they want you to do… it’s highly possible that I would lose myself in this case.

And if, one day, you were to break free from everything, where would you go?

I would go everywhere! And every time I find a place I like and I want to call my home, I will build a treehouse. Then I take a map and mark each treehouse with a red dot. So all of my friends, also the future ones, have the possibility to use the treehouses and I´m happy to have great flatmates everywhere I call a place my home.

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