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Kimberly Van T Hooft / Monster

shot in Milano on May 9th, 2016 / published on June 13th, 2016

Last May we got a call to Italy. It was high time for us to be back and make a stop in Milano. With the days getting warmer we can finally enjoy a walk through the streets in the sun again. Kimberly Van T Hooft was on her first stay as we met. She is originally from Zeeland, a region of Holland which is partly below sea level, where she shares a home with her mother and her daughter in what we could call a three-generation female power-house. Her story is again an extraordinary one – first scouted for a Dutch TV show, her first experience within the entertainment industry has not been very positive. And yet she chose to go back to modeling after having a baby. We are glad we could spend a little time together, talking about life turns and challenges, motherhood, and the importance of living close to nature. On our own travel diary, we’ll have to note that the true adventurers are in fact the models. Here comes our first Italian feature in a very long time and we promise there are more to come! Enjoy!

Thanks for meet us in Milan, Kimberly! Have you been enjoying your stay?

It was my first time and I really liked it in Milano, the people were really friendly and I like the culture.

Before being a model, you are actually a mother. How do people react, when you tell them you have a 2y-o daughter? Is your life much different from those of your model colleagues? And do you feel, motherhood changed you?

Most of the time people are surprised if I tell. Motherhood changed me in every way. My daughter is now the most important in my life. I believe my life is different from that of other models. Having a kid, I cannot travel as much as they do, and it is not always easy to be away from home.

In many countries single moms are having a hard time balancing work, family and their private life. Do you feel this is easier in the Netherlands?

Work is very important here. But I also understand mothers who wanna be there full-time for there kids. If I’m not modeling I am also a full-time mum – I wanna spend as much time as I can with my daughter when I’m home, because I’m not always home. So that is my balance.

You were actually first scouted on a TV show. How would you describe this experience in the entertainment industry?

I would describe it as really fake. Reality TV is not even realistic.

And what drove you back to modeling after having your daughter?

I saw it as a chance. I love getting to know different cultures, the traveling, the modeling itself. It is really challenging, and I learn a lot from it. My agencies have been really supportive, too. They also help me find a way in taking care of my daughter while also traveling and modeling.

As if being a mother and a model was not enough of extreme situations, before it all you have actually spent 13 months living and working on a farm in the South of France. How come a young girl decides to turn into a farmer? What was it like?

That was some years ago, but I really look back at it positively. I loved the hard work, working with my hands, living outside.

What was the best lesson you got from the simple life?

Not one best lesson. I just know now that it’s good for a person to live so close to nature. And getting so much fresh air. I never felt as healthy as then.

And if you now compare your life as a model to your former life as a farmer girl, can you find any similarities? Or are they just miles and miles away?

Exactly, I cannot find any similarities. Everything is different now, but it’s good for me. My life is not boring.

What’s in your bucket-list for the future?

I’ll show you some of my list: – having my motorcycle license and my own motorcycle – overconquer my fear for spiders (with a tarantula) – learn some languages (French, Spanish, and Italian)

What is the kind of temptation you can hardly resist?


And if you had one free wish, what would you wish for?

I’ll keep this one to myself…


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