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Josephin / Linden Staub

shot in Berlin, May 26th, 2015 / published: July 6th, 2015

Josephin, you have recently moved from Frankfurt to Berlin. Is there something you miss about Frankfurt? What is that you treasure about Berlin?

Frankfurt is my home, more precisely a little town in Taunus called Bad Soden. That is where my heart is. My family and some of my friends still live there. Traveling back home is very soothing to me since living in Berlin may become pretty exhausting and even too exciting at times. Sometimes I feel like I was not born for the big city life, I like it quiet and, yes, even boring. And Berlin is never boring. That’s obviously what I also love Berlin for, especially when it comes to its vast cultural offerings. I enjoy visiting the many museums and going to the Yorck cinemas.

You actually moved to study media and communication. Which themes would you like to write about the most? What is your main focus?

My media and communication studies are mostly focused on political and social themes. And though I also deal with political issues, mostly concerning the environment, and given the circumstances with refugee politics, should I ever get to choose I would love to write about culture, from literature to art and up to fashion. It comes quite handy that I picked English philology on the side and I happen to devote quite some time to the literature and culture of English speaking countries, too.

We met and spent some time in Charlottenburg. What do you like best about this part of the city?

As I mentioned earlier, I am not such a big city girl who constantly needs the turmoil of the more hip districts. That is why I like the more relaxed pace of Charlottenburg. I live in a small flat in an old building in a very quiet street and I have very good connections to the city and my university in Dahlem. Most of my friends are living here, too, which is nice.

On our tour we stopped by the St. Ludwig Church. What do religion and spirituality mean to you?

I was raised a Roman Catholic back home, I went to church with my family on Sundays and I have been an altar server for 10 years. Such a connection to religion is getting more and more rare within my generation, sometimes I almost have to justify myself for it. Religion is very often seen only as strict and conservative. Of course there are positions within the Catholic Church which I do not agree with, i.e. in respect to homosexuality. Such strict rules are not part of my beliefs. For me it’s most about charity and the sense of community.

And in the end something more worldly: you told me, how you love to cook with your friends… and that is something I am not so good at. I love to cook for my friends, but I’d rather cook alone, before we spill blood in the kitchen… How do you get along while cooking and what was your culinary highlight?

Oh well, that is never really an issue with us, one prepares the salad, one watches over the pots, one will take care of the wine… and the best part is all the talk we have while at it. What we actually cook is not that important, mostly we just bring our leftovers and see what we can turn them into. I don’t really follow recipes. Lately, I have cooked for my friend Luisa’s birthday: I made conchiglie au gratin filled with champignon cream on a bed of spinach. That was a highlight! By the way, I cook mostly vegan, or at least vegetarian. Be veggie!


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