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Johanna Makowski / Mega

shot in Berlin, May 24th, 2015 / published: July 13th, 2015

Johanna, it was great to meet you again today, it has been almost an year since we shot our editorial for QVEST magazine. You had just kick-started as a model – what has been going on since then?

Thanks Thomas it was a pleasure to meet you again, too. When we first met I just got home from my first stay in Paris. I went back there again in the beginning of this year to shoot for QVEST again. In general this year started quite good for me. I shot a few editorials for example for The Greatest Magazine and L’Officiel. In a few days I’m going to Barcelona. And when I come back I will do Berlin Fashion Week. Then we’ll see where my journey takes me. It’s pretty exciting.

You moved to Berlin in the meantime. How do you like living in Wedding?

I really like it. It’s kind of like living in a village, everyone knows everyone. When you go out on the street you often meet someone you know. It’s quite nice to have a little chat before you go on your way. What I also like about Wedding that it’s quite green. You have a few parks around this area. And a small river called Panke. It doesn’t take long from Wedding to be in the nature as well. I like to grab my bike and drive for a little bit, on my own or with friends. It’s always fun!

You live in one of four shared apartments in the same house, which are all somehow connected. We have also been to your local bar, Wilma, which is owned by one of your housemates. It does not really sound like the much talked about solitude of big city life. What does friendship mean to you?

Friendship is veeery important for me! My friends are like my second family or even a part of it. We do a lot of stuff together. But you can still have time for yourself if you need it. I’m happy to live together with other people. It’s so nice to know that there will always be someone to talk to or hang with. I also have a friend that I know for a very long time. We don’t see each other that often. But when we meet it’s like we’ve never been far. I really appreciate that we are still so close. And I can always count on her. =)

We went for a walk to Plötzensee, a small lake within the city. You are actually pretty much a child of nature, aren’t you?

Yes absolutely! I love to be outside. I grew up in the countryside. My parents and grandparents used to take long walks through the forests and the landscape with us. I still prefer living in a small town than in a big city. For now I love Berlin because I still have the opportunity to escape from the busy city life. It takes you less than one hour and you can enjoy the silence and be away from all the stress that the city can resonate with sometimes.

Do you have any plans for this summer? Are you staying in Berlin or traveling around?

I didn’t plan anything so far. I like to keep it spontaneous. Mainly I will stay in Berlin as my base. And from here I can go where ever I want. 😉  
©modelsintheraw.com / photos: Thomas Sing / text: Chiara Padovan