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shot in Paris, Oct. 2nd, 2015 / published: Oct. 26th, 2015

Paris has been welcoming us with an open-heart during this last fashion week. The weather has been kind and the days long and busy. Despite all the shows, castings and fittings running, we were glad so many models found the time to join us for a little walk and a little talk.

Jade suggested to meet in front of the Moulin Rouge, where she asked to take a picture of her on her skateboard. And from there she took us on a wild tour through Montmartre in and out of second-hand shops and smoothie bars, up and down the streets and to the best bakery in Paris. We hope you will enjoy this bright feature!

Jade, you were born in Geneva, already lived in places spread through the globe and are currently in Paris. Would you say you are a citizen of the world?

Haha, being a citizen of the world definitely is my number one life goal! Living is all about experiencing new places and new cultures, I couldn’t imagine living in a single city for the rest of my life. The opportunity of being able to discover new cities for a few weeks or months is the biggest perk of the job.

Which destination has most influenced you as a person?

Probably Sidney, I really fell in love with the Australians, they’re so open-minded, kind, fun and intelligent! Everything there is easy and relaxed, they have a really inspiring life style.

Which work destination has been the most interesting so far?

I’d have to say Tokyo, it’s so different from everything else, and the culture is just unbelievable. Everything is designed to be perfectly organized, safe and convenient, living there is a real life lesson on how to make everything perfect and behave in the best way you can.

When heading to a place you have never been to, do you collect information and tips about it before or do you rather jump into the adventure?

If I go on stay for a long period of time (over a month like in Paris, London, Tokyo, Sidney or Singapore) then I definitely will look up for a maximum of informations on the city, but if I’m going for a particular job somewhere and stay there only for a couple of days then I love to get a map of the city at the hotel reception and just explore and walk around without expecting anything, it’s one of my favorite things to do actually!

You chose to meet us in Montmartre, why there?

I first thought about Saint Germain or le Jardin du Luxembourg, but it’s so well known and very neat that I thought for your style of photos it would look cool to have something a bit more raw yet very Parisian and authentic, kind of old school so I thought Montmartre would be a very nice location where I’ve never shot before.

What are the best things to do when in Paris?

Walk to anywhere! It’s so easy and convenient to walk around, it’s the best way to discover the city, and encounter the prettiest views and coolest shops. A stop at Pierre Hermé to try their original macarons is mandatory of course!

Your skateboard is your constant companion. It takes you through the city, you take it to your shootings (at least that’s what your portfolio says). What is skateboarding to you? When did you start?

Since I was so little I can’t remember, my dad put me and my brother on skateboards and taught us everything. We would go to skateparks on the week-ends. When I was around 10 years old I was even doing contests and everything but I started having so many bruises and scars I eventually sticked to longboarding only which is way more softer and less damaging, haha!

Even though you see more and more girls on a board today, skateboarding still has a slightly tomboyish image. On the other hand, you said your favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, which is still very much about love, courtesy and a bunch of girls. What do you and Elizabeth Bennet have in common?

Yes, Skateboarding has always been a part of me yet I don’t really feel like a tomboy, I like that you can be feminine even doing “men things”. I like wearing skirts and dresses while riding my skateboard. I admire Elizabeth for her strong personality and will of independence which was really tough and frowned upon for women at the time. She’s really inspiring in that way.

Elizabeth Bennet has to overcome her prejudice to find her happiness. Is there anything you had to overcome in your life?

Nothing comparable to what Elizabeth had to overcome but I think in a general way we always have to overcome people’s prejudices and you have to go your own way believing in yourself and in what you can do, not everything they tell you you can not do!

If you have not been scouted back then, you would now be…

Directing films! Which I kind of am doing on the side at the moment and enjoying modeling as a platform to express myself and get inspiration.


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