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Irina Pavlova / IZAIO

shot in Berlin, July 6th, 2015 / published: Aug. 31st, 2015

We met Irina in Berlin, while she was on stay for fashion week. Again we had to pick a meeting point and this time we opted for Treptower Park, seeking a little shade on a very hot day. The imposing Soviet War Memorial in the middle of Berlin must have been an odd sight for Irina, for she told us one can find this kind of stately monuments in every bigger city in Russia. So here we are again, building bridges across the world in a little portrait session. We hope you will enjoy this feature from the South bank of the Spree.

Irina, you have a degree in Economics but are now working internationally and full-time as a model. What is the best part about this job?

For me, the best part is the opportunity to travel. I can meet new people, visit interesting places and learn the culture of a new country all while working. On every trip I get to discover new things and this gives me a feeling of happiness.

You were born in the Russian country-side, grew up and studied in Moscow and are now traveling the world. How do you keep in touch with family and friends at home? What do you miss the most when you are away?

I keep in touch with my family almost every day by Skype so I always know all news from home. I don’t find it particularly difficult to be away for 2 or 3 months because I really enjoy traveling and love my job. But sometimes I miss real conversation with my friends and parents, being physically close to each other and looking directly into each other’s eyes, rather than through the screen of an iPad.

You have been to NYC, Paris, Milan and are now in Berlin for the first time. You said you were surprised by how relaxed it is here. Even during fashion week, with all the castings and almost 40°C. Did you have a little time to enjoy the city?

Sure, besides my castings I could see the city and enjoy its main attractions. Visiting the Helmut Newton Foundation has been in my bucket list for quite some time and I finally did it. It super inspired me and I hope to come back to Berlin again for new discoveries.

Talking about different cities around the world, you mentioned how you feel that the city most similar to Moscow for its frenetic, fast pace is New York. That is something I never considered. Have the two cities more in common than we think?

Moscow and NYC are these two huge megapolises. They share the same energy, people there rush all the time and you can almost feel the fast pulse of the city. And both never sleep. This is what I meant as I said they had similar features.

What next destinations are you excited about and why?

I would love to visit Japan. It seems to be a very interesting market. And I want to know why Japanese people are said to never say “no”.


©modelsintheraw.com / photos: Thomas Sing / text: Chiara Padovan