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shot in Paris, Oct. 3rd, 2015 / published: Nov. 30th, 2015

Our fashion week days have been a rush. We have been popping by both sides of the Seine and right in the middle, too. There we shared some time, steps and thoughts with charming Ida Mikkelsen. We ended up on Pont Neuf, which is ironically now the oldest bridge in the city and even said to be the subject of the very first daguerrotype with human beings. We can’t deny this random bit of information adds a special note to the pictures of our encouter, which as most have been taken with our pretty old film cameras. Enjoy this brand new feature!

Thanks for meeting us in Paris, Ida. You told us, you enjoy walking to your appointments in Paris, although it took you one hour to our meeting point. Is it a special strategy of yours to explore a city or do you simply enjoy walking?

Walking is amazing in different aspects. I walk as much as I can since I believe it is the best way to explore a city that is unfamiliar to you. Furthermore, it is a great way for me to exercise, since there are many days I simply don’t have time to take a run before/after work. So, for me, walking has many purposes. I get to explore, exercise and get from one place to the next. Above all, it gives me time to clear my mind and relax.

You were born in Denmark but have been living in Saudi Arabia and ten years in Dubai with your family. If you were to paint your childhood, which colors would you pick?

As you mention, I’ve spent all of my childhood abroad, which makes it difficult to chose… I would probably pick red, brown and green. Red because it represents warmth, brown because of the desert and green because of the palm trees and the lake which was right outside our garden. Also, all 3 colors (almost) match the colors of the U.A.E. flag.

How deep has such a multicultural upbringing influenced the person you are becoming?

It has influenced me tremendously. Ever since I was a baby I’ve been introduced to so many diverse cultures, traditions, religions and customs. I believe I have become more open-minded and tolerant toward people wherever they’re from, than I otherwise would have been if I had never left Denmark. Especially living in a place like Dubai, which is so diverse, I have gotten a very deep global awareness in many different aspects. Right now I am very thankful for all the traveling I’ve done throughout my upbringing, as it makes my job much easier, I know that home is never more than a plane ride away.

Now that you are based back in Denmark, what do you treasure most about the Danish way of life?

There are quite a few things I treasure dearly. Fundamentally, I am very fond of the extensive welfare system, which influences the Danish lifestyle a lot. There are few people who are extremely wealthy, but simultaneously there are few people who are poor. I also feel like there is a lot of freedom to follow your dreams and ambitions and you are encouraged to do so. Lastly, I love how environmental friendly the country is.

Even Danish design is very much about sustainability. So, is it a cause you feel connected to?

Yes, I definitely feel very connected to the idea of sustainability. I have always been very aware of the environment and have tried to do as much as I can on my part.

Speaking of beautiful designs, what was your own Paris fashion week highlight?

My fashion week highlight would be, apart from shooting Models in the Raw, walking for the Row. The location was at a chateau outside of Paris, which was beautiful! The interior was very French, extravagant yet traditional, and the garden was very charming. It was exclusive and chic. Plus, I got to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley– a childhood dream come true!

And after fashion week, are you ready for more travels? Where would you like to go and what will you be sure to take with you?

I am never quite sure about the future or where it will take me, and I love it! Something I will be sure to take with me is a wide selection of clothes (for all types of weather), a bunch of books and my passport!


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