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Hannah Vechtel / M4

shot in Berlin, July 7th, 2015 / published: Oct. 12th, 2015

As we are slowly wrapping up for the upcoming cold season, let’s have a jump back to the Summer days we spent in Berlin. There we had the chance to meet Hannah for the second time. Just a few weeks before we had been working on an editorial shoot together, but this time we finally had the chance to talk a little about more personal things. We hope you will enjoy this little Summer souvenir!

Hannah, it was great to meet you again in Berlin during fashion week. In those days you were staying at your sister’s. Would you say you are a family girl?

Nice to meet you again! At the moment I am really happy to be independent from my parents and family and to live in a different city with my boyfriend. But my sisters influenced me a lot. We are four girls and did of course spend a lot of time together when we were younger. Now we live more or less far from each other and do not meet that often, but if so it’s an import thing for us and we take our time and have fun. And that’s how it is with the rest of my family. All in all my family is important for me, even if I do not see them very often.

You grew up on a rather isolated farmstead, the next city was a 8 km bike ride away. Back then could you picture yourself moving into a big city one day? What do you enjoy most about city life now?

When I was younger, I always wanted to stay in my green little paradise. But then I discovered the outside world and the benefits of a developed, modern society with its options (in my case mostly regarding food) and so on. But I also discovered that there are a lot of people who think the way I do, I never realized that in the countryside. Here you have people from all countries, with different styles and it is perfectly fine. In the village bitching starts pretty easily. So I realized how big the world is and keep discovering. The world is bigger in the city.

As you were a child, you used to kill your own chickens on the farm. But by now you have gone vegan. How did your family adjust to your decision?

Well, I was the only one who did the slaughtering, so my people just do not have soup from freshly slaughtered chicken anymore. Luckily, nearly my whole family thought about it in the meantime and they consume less animal products today. Since it is popular to go vegan and even doctors tell them to eat less meat even the little teasing stopped.

You told us, you have been thinking about enrolling nutrition science and trying to find proof that humans do not necessarily need animal proteins. And if you could ever find this proof, you would love to work on the development of a suitable substitute. We recently saw a documentary about in-vitro meat. Would that be a reasonable compromise?

The idea might be cool, if it is not good to produce animals to get meat we only make the meat. Maybe it will be normal one day and it might be better than producing regular meat, but right now it  does not sound that trustworthy to me. In addition to that, meat how it is today is not healthy, even if we could produce it without having a pig first, it would not make much sense.  My goal would not be to search for a product that replaces the taste and structure of meat. By the way, there are some good products already. It might not be easy to find them, but they exist. My goal would be to produce food that is healthy and provides us with important ingredients. I am talking about Vitamin B12 and D, Protein, Calcium, iron, iodine and so on. I want to know for sure what is the best way to get all those without using any animal. The next goal would be to make it available for every human. This is not because of the poor little baby cow with its big eyes and lashes. It is because there is too much cattle and they eat too much and fart too much. This sounds pathetic, but that’s how it is: the existence of billions of animals raised to feed us, destroys nature and kills humans on a large scale.

But before getting to your studies, you are giving the world of modeling a shot. What are you most looking forward to?

I would really enjoy to visit new places and see how photographers in different countries work and of course do some sightseeing and taste foreign food. And of course produce some good pictures.

Your red Doc Martens may well suit the latest trend, but they actually suit your love for music festivals much better. So, we can easily assume, your favorite season must be Summer! What is your favorite music and what kind of festivals do you prefer?

Yes, these Docs saw some festivals and, as you can see, many other things. I have been wearing red Docs since I was, I don’t know, born, I guess.  I like small festivals and I like it when it is peaceful and relaxed, with a lot of people sharing similar expectations for society and themselves. You might sense by now that I am not talking about huge events like Rock am Ring.  Summer is truly my favorite, but more because of the sun than because of festivals. They are not the center of my existence by far. At the moment I like listening to Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tegan and Sara, Led Zeppelin, Wu Lyf, The Beatles, Eric Burdon, Janis Joplin, Canned Heat, Die Antwoord, and some more. Many old men, ain’t it?


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