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Hanna Schwab / TUNE

shot in Munich on Nov. 13th, 2015 / published: Feb. 8th, 2016

Our little journey led us to a heap of inspiring new encounters all over Europe, but fortunately also to some reunions. And we love to introduce to you models whom we already shared some steps with. We have been working with Hanna a couple of times and we were glad she could take a little extra time after a job for some analogue shots and a walk through Munich. Even if we’d have much preferred to shoot this feature where she lives, but for one reason or another we never made it to her corner of Germany in the last months. So Munich be it. We haven’t been around here for a long time anyway, so enjoy this new feature!

Hanna, thanks for taking a later train for us! You are originally from Palatinate, what is that you love most about it?

If you had asked me that question a few years ago, I probably couldn’t have given an answer. It was not until I started traveling that I recognized the specifics and beauty of it.

Mostly the hills, the forests and the fresh air– that’s what I love. For me, it was the most normal thing on earth to go for a walk and find yourself on a dirt road with almost no civilization just after a few minutes. It’s perfect to rest! And I really appreciate that people know and care about each other.

You started modeling at 15. How did it happen? And how did it go from there?

Actually it just happened by accident. I was shopping at a mall near Saarbrücken when that lively, cute girl came to me and told me that since she started modeling herself, she’d been walking around with ‘big eyes’ searching for new talents. And that was me!

At that time I was not into fashion at all. But after visiting the agency and because I was already 1,80m tall, I gave it a try! Could be interesting and fun, I thought!

So the first years I only worked from time to time as I was still going to school. In 2013, while in my last year, I got discovered internationally, so I did Paris Fashion Week and learned backstage for the exams. In fact, it worked! After my graduation I started modeling full-time and suddenly I was traveling the world and living out of my suitcase…

Paris, New York, Milan… of all the fashion destinations you have been working, which is your favorite and why?

Definitely Milan! The whole package was just great!

First of all, I had a steady client, which pleased my requirements for business. Because when you don’t work, you can’t stay forever, it’s an easy calculation… Furthermore I felt very comfortable at the agency and my booker was really nice.

But even more important were the people I lived and hang out with. I met so many cool people and I also found a best friend there, Annabell. Every day we did something together, enjoyed the warmth, a gelato, the beautiful Navigli area and so much other stuff… We had a really good time there!

Every market has its own tricks, in which way would you say the German market differs from others?

The one big difference from other markets is that German clients book you for jobs from where you are right now, either your small village or abroad. But when you want to work in Paris or New York, for example, when you’re not directly in the city the agency and the clients rapidly forget about you…

Saarbrücken has recently become your new home-base and you have enrolled in International Economy. What was the most exciting thing about going from full-time model to student? And how do you like it so far?

The most exciting for me might be the most normal to other people: I really missed having a daily routine. After years of traveling and adventures it’s nice to be able to plan. I really enjoy my student life at the moment! And for now I’m very happy with my decision because the subject fits me perfectly, even though economics is harder than I thought…

Your classes are held in both French and English and you told us to be glad you can be in Paris within 2 hours and have several direct flights to most of your work destinations, while still being very close to home. If you could choose your ideal life-style, would it be a more cosmopolitan or a more homely one? Or rather a combination of the two?

Definitely a combination. On the one hand I love traveling, meeting new people, getting in touch with different cultures and I am happy about every single experience I made. On the other hand, I do need a constant home base where my family and friends are. Without them, I somehow feel lost…

Models often share apartments while they are on stay. As a student you are now sharing a flat with 4 guys. Who actually make better house mates, the boys or the girls?

Well, I think that doesn’t depend much on gender but rather on personal behavior. I already shared flats with girls who weren’t into tidying up at all! But also my boys sometimes don’t care if there are dishes in the kitchen for days.. In general I have to say it’s a bit easier to live with guys, as they are way more calm. Just men of few words!

You always struck us as a girl with a mind and her priorities set. You said you have been struggling at first with social media as a mean for self-promotion. With a whole industry putting so much weight on virtual followers, have you found a way to come at peace with Instagram and make it work for you now?

In fact, in the beginning I didn’t quite get the hype about that whole following- and posting-thing. Of course, I always used social media, but only privately. But when it got to the dimension and power it has nowadays, I joined.

Now it belongs to my everyday-life and I have to say it’s actually fun, but I still have one rule: I only post pics I can identify with, that show my real life and reflect my personality and also my humor – if people get it.

What does a smart girl get to learn while working within the fashion industry?

First of all, every girl that travels on her own gets independent, especially when you’re young and grew up on the countryside with no subway, airports etc. Additionally you learn to appreciate your family and their support, something you are apt to forget easily as a teenager!

Comparing to business, you grow up. All the setbacks you experience give you a huge moral strength. And all the thrilling behind-the-scene moments are impressions I will never forget.

And last but not least, happiness is…

Linked with satisfaction! You just need to be in line with yourself – and this is it!


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