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shot in Paris on Mar. 7th, 2016 / published on Apr. 25th, 2016

In the proceeding of our journey, life has kind of made us less strangers. It turns out we spent our Christmas holidays in the same place as Greta Varga, a model we only got to know about 3 months later in Paris. It’s indeed a small world and yet there is still so much to experience. On our part, after Greta’s tips, we have been thinking about a trip to Hungary… even if she would probably rather spend a holiday somewhere on the seaside! And so we keep spinning around this globe, cherishing the company of those we get to cross paths with, no matter how brief. Here comes another exclusive model apartment story from Paris, enjoy!

Thanks for having us, Greta! As we met you had been in Paris for almost 2 months, did you get used to the Parisian way of life? What has been the best? And what did you miss most?

When in Paris I usually spend my time in the metro because of all the castings, but it’s fine as I can visit all the areas of the city. When I have some free time, I always get my coffee and croissant. I’m in love with the beautiful buildings here, the city has got such a romantic atmosphere. I really enjoy walking down the streets and taking pictures of the sights. But then, of course, I badly miss my family, my boyfriend and Hungarian food, especially Goulash.

Is Goulash truly the essence of Hungarian cuisine? Do you have any secret family recipes you pass on from one generation to the next?

Hungary is very famous for its cuisine, which is spicy and savoury as hell. The secret is basically that we use lot of garlic, pepper, onion and hot paprika. I am pretty positive that my family could never live without these ingredients!

Anything typical Hungarian we should definitely try out? Or something we should do when visiting Hungary?

The most popular Hungarian food is classically Goulash soup, in addition I would recommend chicken paprikas and hortobágyi palacsinta, a kind of pancake filled with veal and with sour cream on top. Furthermore we Hungarians enjoy having our spicy sausages often and also some Pálinka, our typical fruit brandy. If you are coming to Hungary, don’t miss the chance to visit our amazing lake Balaton! Many tourists, mostly from Germany, come over there in Summer. It’s our Hungarian sea!

Your grew up as an only child, but your mother has 7 sisters and you now count 20 cousins. That makes quite a huge family. Are you all close? Do you have big family celebrations?

I’m so happy to have such a huge family and fortunately most still live in my hometown, so at Easter and at Christmas we all come together at grandma’s house to have lunch and swap stories!

Would you say there is a special bond between the women in your family?

All my female relatives have strong personalities. We are very talkative and energetic. We often go out together, age doesn’t matter, we always have fun!

Since both your mother and your best friend live in the South of Germany now, how do you keep in touch?

When we have the time, we call each other or chat. I always try to share my experiences with them and when I’m not abroad I visit them in Germany or sometimes they come to Hungary, too. Luckily my bookers are understanding, so I try to manage my traveling in order to have the chance to see them.

You told us you did some acting in school. How far has it been useful in your job as a model? Do you ever miss the stage?

Being a model after acting is actually super easy for me, since when you’re modeling you play roles as well. I can be whatever I want and that’s why I love modeling! All in all I still do acting now in the world of fashion, so I don’t mind!

Is acting a thing you wish to go back to or do you have completely different plans?

In the future I would like to attend university but I still don’t know what I want to study exactly. On the other hand I’m sure that I will look for a kind of social job where I can surround myself with people and take care of them.

And if you could plan the perfect holiday today, where would you go and who would you like to take with you?

For me the perfect holiday would be somewhere next to the sea, for example in Spain. All I need is sunshine, a beach and my boyfriend… it’s evident!


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