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shot in Paris, Oct. 1st, 2015 / published: Dec. 28th, 2015

On an early morning in Paris, we have been enjoying the first rays of light with Getter Killing before she rushed off to her next casting call. We got to talk about her catchy name, a passion for dancing and all the encounters she experienced while exploring the city. As 2015 goes to an end, we would like to take a second to celebrate all the inspiring encounters we run into since the birth of this project and how each one has been a significant step stone in its growing process. Models in the Raw is an ongoing journey and still one we would like to share with you in 2016. But first… enjoy this week’s feature!

Thanks for finding time for us in between castings, Getter. This was your second time in Paris, have you been getting more familiar with the city?

Thank you for this opportunity! Of Course at the beginning Paris seemed really big and terrifying. But by now I have visited all the arrondissements here and actually realized that Paris is such a nice city, there is something to discover just around every corner.

Is there something in particular you enjoy when you are there? Any place you discovered and particularly like?

What I love about Paris is that people are so friendly. Wherever I am (on the subway, street etc) people just randomly come and ask “Hey, where are you going” and then they come with me – like that I have eaten cake, drunk coffee with strangers and made some new friends. Particularly, I like the park in front of the Eiffel tower, every time I go there alone, I end up being with a nice group of people and we talk like we have known each-other for years.

You introduced yourself as a girl from the Estonian countryside. What do you love most about your home?

At home I enjoy silence and fresh air the most. The area where I live is always calm and everyone knows each other, so it is safe and usually nobody disturbs when you just want to walk alone and rest after a long day. It’s such a beautiful and magical place and definitely worth a visit!

What is typical of Estonia? Is there something like a particular way-of-life?

Estonia is a very easy-going country, just like all Scandinavian countries. Everybody complies to their obligations for example kindergarden, school, work and children also have lots of hobbies, but very few dare to do something different or crazy. We are very calm people.

You have been scouted very young as you were dancing at a festival. And actually you have been dancing for 13 years now. What does dance mean to you?

Dancing is important to me because it is all about feeling the energy of music and put all my emotions into the movements. Dancing is a good way to improve my mood and feel myself better.

What music makes you jump up your feet and start to dance, no matter where you are and what you are doing?

It has to be a song I know, so I can also sing along (I can’t sing at all though, but I am still doing it) and it depends on my mood and place, too. In Paris rap music is really something I adore.

As a dancer, the stage is something you work hard on. Getter Killing actually sounds like a very good stage name. But it is your birth name. How does it sound for Estonian ears? What was your first reaction, when you noticed your name sounds special abroad?

In Estonia nobody says anything about my name because it doesn’t mean anything, but abroad basically everybody makes fun of it. A few years ago I couldn’t wait to get married and have a new name , but now I’ve started to like it and I’m not so keen on getting married so fast anymore!

Is your dancing experience helping you through your first steps into the fashion world? What are you looking forward to in your path as a model?

I guess so, at lots of shootings I have been dancing while the photographer was taking pictures, that’s how you can get nice moving shots. I don’t have any particular high hopes for my future, I’m living one day at a time and I have no idea what will happen next week, month or year. I try to go with the flow.

If you were given a glass in which you could see the future, what would you wish to see?

I would wish to see myself having 2 kids, a house with a big garden and probably cats, dogs, a pig, a snake, a rabbit and some fish. I would also love to work as a writer for fashion magazines.


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