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Francesca Cioffi / Linden Staub

shot in Milano on May 16th, 2016 / published on July 18th, 2016

Once again we are up for a stop in Milano, this time for a meeting with a true native. Despite all talk about the Milanese being pretty grim, that was hardly the mood on that day. Francesca is enthusiastic about her city and all its offerings, simply enjoying being young right there, right now. She is a modern big city girl with a classical painting beauty. And we are really sorry we haven’t more pictures of her to show you this time, for one whole roll of film got damaged. A first on our journey and a pity for sure. Nonetheless we could save a few portraits of her at home and hope they will make up for the loss. So here we go, enjoy our talk!

Thanks for meeting us, Francesca! You were born and raised in Milano. What do you love most about your city?

I love the rich amount of cultural possibilities in Milan for anyone at any age! There is so much to do and see, and although I have lived here all my life, I always discover new beautiful places.

Leaving all touristic stuff aside, do you have any hot tips or latest trend for us? What should one really do or try out to experience Milano in its essence?

Milan never stops and you can really feel that! For me it’s almost like a rush, although tiring sometimes as well. I think that you need to experience the atmosphere more than anything else. Plus, the nightlife is great – there are some fabulous places to get entertained at in Navigli or the city centre.

You were street casted here but started your modeling career in London. How was your first trip? And what do you most enjoy about London today?

My first trip to London was very exciting. I didn’t know what to expect so it turned out to be even more glamorous and fun than I thought it would be. Of course, it was also a little tiring, but I had such a great time and enjoyed myself a lot. What I like most about London is that there is always something to do – London is a city for active people and I feel like when I’m there I cannot stop doing things and exploring.

Do you ever feel like living in two parallel dimensions being a regular school girl in Milan and a model in London? Has working as a model changed the way you look at fashion? If so how?

Living as a regular school girl in Milan and modeling in London has surely had a great impact on my life in the sense that in London my lifestyle is clearly different from my lifestyle back home, however, I don’t feel any different and just really want to remain myself in any scenario. The way I look at fashion has definitely changed because thanks to the great experience and opportunities that were offered to me I have discovered the amount of work there is behind what people see as a simple job.

London and Milan are said to have both a very specific style. How would you describe your own?

I would describe my style as quite casual; I don’t tend to wear anything too flamboyant anyway and I like a simple classic style. I also don’t really care about other peoples’ style because I prefer to do my own thing, which reflects in my style very much. I think I’m just being myself, original.

You told us you have been a synchronized swimmer and taking part in competitions for quite some time. How does the world feel when you are floating with your head underwater and your feet up in the air?

Being underwater makes me feel completely disconnected from the world and I feel that we all need that feeling sometimes. For me, it’s great to have a break from all my thoughts.

What do you think this sport has taught you, that you can well use for your life as a model and beyond?

Synchronized swimming taught me how to interact with other people, work in a team and also having other people relying on you when you are a key member of a team. In modeling you are usually by yourself, but even then you are essentially in a team and this sport has taught me how to handle it.

Would you say water is your element?

Out of all elements, water would be the one I relate to the most to because of the sport I have practiced for so long now. I feel connected to water but also associate it with clarity, being clean and fresh.

And if you were a super hero, what would be your mission and what your super power?

On a realistic level my mission would always be to be there for my close friends and relatives when they need me and in order to achieve this I would need to have teleporting as my super power

Last but not least, what would be your recipe for happiness?

My recipe to happiness would be to give love and receive love as you should but also be in harmony with those around me – especially my family as the most important part of my life.


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