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Ewa Porwanska / Izaio

shot in Berlin, July 5th, 2015 / published: July 27th, 2015

Ewa, you are first of all a student of medicine and only recently started working as a model. You were scouted by chance via Facebook by a Polish booker. It sounds quite like a modern fairy tale, can you tell us more about it? What was your reaction then?

At first I was very surprised. When I was a teenager, as every girl, I was dreaming about being a model and traveling around the world. I even took part in one of the competitions for aspiring models, and did quite well, but I resigned when I heard that they want me to lose weight. I was already slim and I decided that modeling is not worth risking my health. So I forgot about it for many years, finished high school and started studying medicine, because I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. When I received a message from GAGAMODELS last summer I was in Pavia, Italy, attending my Summer ERASMUS practice in the hospital. It took me no more than a few minutes to decide that I wanted to try. Maybe it was my destiny speaking to me “Go! Fulfill your dreams!”. When I came back in October, I visited the agency. I was overwhelmed by their politeness, positive energy and faith. They measured me and it clearly appeared to everyone that I was “too fat”. In this business 100 cm at the hips is “too fat”. But Kasia Sawicka (the owner of GAGAMODELS) and all bookers saw something in my eyes and gave me a chance – advised me about diet and exercising. I was supposed to stay in touch and come back as soon as I reach “model’s measurements”. I thought to myself – ok, challenge accepted. For 5 months I have been eating healthy, visiting my gym almost every day and finally reached the perfect shape. They signed the contract with me in the beginning of March.

Are there any positive sides of starting modeling a little later than usual?

Of course! First of all, I’m more experienced in living, also abroad. I have my priorities set and strong rules that I obey. It helps a lot as I know what I can do, what I can agree to and what is absolutely non-discussable. That’s useful, especially for new faces. Also I am almost done with my studies, I only have one more year left, which I am planning to do after a year break. Many girls I’ve met while working during the last few months were never granted a chance to study at university, some of them were not even able to finish high school, but education is all we have when we quit working as a model.

Your climb up that graffiti wall for the pictures was quite impressive. You have been a scout when younger. Is it true: once a scout always a scout?

Kinda! It was a very interesting part of my life for a few years of high school. For sure, I am still seeking new adventures and challenges. I’m also used to “difficult conditions”. I don’t mind living with many girls in the same room, being photographed on the ground with bugs etc. I am not a princess kind of model, maybe thanks to scouting.

You told me the best thing about being in a place you don’t know is getting lost. Is that the scout girl speaking? Do you have some good strategies for making the best out of getting lost?

I don’t know, I think it’s just a part of my personality. I like spending time on my own from time to time. Some people practice yoga, I wander around a new city. It’s a very comfortable situation. Usually I turn off the Internet on my phone, don’t take any map with me and just go to a random station by metro. Sometimes it’s the station I’ve already been to while running from one casting to another and that caught my attention. Then I just walk, take pictures of interesting street art or people. If I want to I can talk to somebody new, meet new people, if I’m in a mood for solitude I just walk until my legs refuse to carry me anymore. It’s amazing how many interesting sides of the city one can discover while getting lost!

And still in 10 years you plan to be wearing scrubs rather than couture for a living. When did you decide, you wanted to become a doctor? What is your motivation?

Modeling is an adventure, challenge and fun, but yes, I’m sure I will not do this more than 10 years. I think I first made my plans about being a doctor was when I was 7 and watching “ER”. It was a few years later when I discovered my passion for chemistry and biology. I wanted to know how it all works inside us. Simple curiosity. I also couldn’t imagine myself to be anything different than a doctor. Gut instinct. After the first year of studying I was working in the hospital with nurses, and helping people, relieving pain and sufferings made me feel happy and useful. I think my main motivations are willingness to help people and constantly learn to be better and better at doing that.

What would be your best advice as a doctor for a young model?

I won’t be original – eat healthy, work out and avoid drugs. In other words, stay sensible.


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