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shot in London, Sept. 7th, 2015 / published: Nov. 9th, 2015

After having a taste of Paris, it’s time for us to take you back to London this week! And to one of those spots we particularly love because they make you forget where you actually are! All the noise and the crowd are gone, it’s like entering another world. Follow us on our wanderings with Emily Jones in this new exclusive feature!

Emily, we are glad you found time for us while in London. You are originally from Suffolk, a county whose nature has been masterly captured in the romantic landscapes of John Constable. If you were to picture your own and modern view of Suffolk, how would it look like?

I don’t think I could ever imagine Suffolk becoming more modern than how it is now, as I think it would change completely if it was to become more developed. Whilst I would like for there to be more to do where I live, the thought of it actually happening is strange as I have become so used to it being sleepy, especially in my village.

Is nature something you feel particularly connected to? Or can’t you just wait to leave country life behind?

I love being among nature and living in the countryside as it means that I can go on cycle rides down winding country lanes or go off on adventures with my friends whenever I want! However it will never match the feeling of being in the city for me; I was born in London and it will always be in my blood. I plan on moving to London as soon as possible as I miss the city so much every time I leave – in particular the fact that the city is constantly moving forwards and changing and this really excites me.

You are still very young and going to school. You told us you love the arts in general and really enjoy your drama classes. What kind of characters are you most interested in? Is there a particular role you would love to play one day?

When I’m acting, I try as much as possible to play roles with a lot of depth and an interesting backstory as this kind of character is much more challenging and interesting to play. Drama lets you be someone else, if only for a few moments and that’s something I’ll never get tired of. I wouldn’t be able to choose a single role I would like to play as there are too many good characters to choose from!

You just started last January and already booked a video campaign for HUNTER’s festival collection. How was that? Were your drama classes of any help?

It was really exciting to be able to book the campaign especially as it was such a fun video to shoot! I had to dance in a big rain poncho and whip my hair underneath a rain machine along to booming music. It was definitely cold but so worth it! Having drama experience was really helpful as it meant I was much more confident and found it easier to just let go while I was dancing. When you are modelling you are playing a role just like in drama so it is always going to be helpful.

Speaking of festivals, is it something you will be looking forward to next summer? What band or artist would you love to see live?

I love going to Latitude, a festival very close to where I live which is fairly small compared to the bigger festivals but still has a really good music scene. This year I plan on going to more festivals as I really like the vibes and the freedom that you find at them as well as the fact that you can go crazy and dance like a nutter and nobody cares! I’m really into bands like the Smiths so I’d like to see anyone with the same kind of sound but I also like a whole range of music genres so the different types of music at festival really appeal to me.

You’ll now be in London more often for work. It must be quite an adjustment from the tranquility of Suffolk. What is most thrilling about the big city? Do you have a favorite spot?

I really love being able to come up to London as it is such a contrast to where I live! One of my favorite things about London is that there is always something happening everywhere you look and it is constantly busy which really appeals to me. I like finding new places which is one of the great benefits of modelling as it means I get to travel all round London. The Tate Modern is one of my favorite places in London, but I also like finding smaller independent galleries and exhibitions. I like Brick Lane as it has some great vintage shops and it’s really hip, as well as Borough Market because it has the best food stalls! The diversity of the whole city is amazing and everywhere you go is completely different and yet it works and that’s why I love it.


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