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Daria Osipova / Izaio

shot in Berlin, July 4th, 2015 / published: Aug. 10th, 2015

We met Daria during casting days for fashion week in Berlin. It was an extraordinary hot day, so we met pretty late and yet there was no cooling down. Since Daria is no local, I suggested to meet at Revaler Straße. Due to the temperature, we had a very short walk through the party area up to Warschauer Straße / Rudolfstraße but took some time to talk about Berlin, Moscow, night life inspirations and we even got some precious tips for the Russian capital.

I am glad you found the time and energy to meet for a portrait session in between castings on the most hot day of the year. You are doing fashion week here in Berlin right now and it’s not your first time. How do you like the city?

Oh yes, this abnormal heat during casting days was extremely unexpected, but work is work, you only need to have patience without being fussy about everyday issues, after all when you love what you do, you can even take the 40°C heat with ease ;). And honestly, I could not refuse such an interesting project. As my booker told me about it, I agreed without deliberating! Berlin for me is the city of contrasts, the city of youth. From the very first time, even in the winter, it impressed me as a city in which you can simply be yourself.

You were born in Moscow and still live there, when you are not traveling. What does Moscow mean to you? Do you feel the city has changed in the last years?

Moscow it is not just the city in which I was born and that is why I love it. It is the city with which I am connected by the best memories. It is the city that I feel in my heart and soul, and it feels me. For some people Moscow is a place where they lose energy, for me a place where I scoop energy. I adore traveling and exploring new cities but in Moscow lives my soul! I can safely confirm that Moscow has changed, more than ever, in recent years. We have madly many cool vacation spots! Everyone can come and find an occupation of their liking! Now it is high time for tourism in our city! People are becoming more open and hospitable. Do not trust stereotypes.

On the one hand you have been modeling in different cities around the world, on the other you are studying at university. How do you manage the two? Do you feel your travelings have taught you something you could use later in your career?

At this moment studying at university is my main occupation. I still have exactly one more year of studying and I plan to be engaged in modeling full-time later. It is actually impossible to combine work and study, especially when due to my job travels are inevitable . Therefore, as a rule, I work during vacation and sometimes ask for permission at university, making up then for material. It is very difficult to find balance in this business so, unfortunately, I often have to turn down some good work not to miss on my studies. But I am absolutely happy that in my life I gained such an enormous, unique experience from modeling and travel. Perhaps without this experience I would not be the person I am now. I met so many tremendous people, I saw difference and similarity of mentalities, I know so many cities, not as a tourist but as a local. It’s absolutely invaluable!

We met in the Revaler Straße in Friedrichshain and you said, it reminds you of the party areas in Moscow. Is it something you would go out to? How are the clubs in Moscow?

Yes, Moscow and Berlin come off as very similar on this point. We also have sets of clubs and bars based in old, former plants and industrial zones. As soon as I got here, I thought this is probably where we got the idea from, after all these places have opened only rather recently. Berlin is the city of party-goers, so it is probably the best place to get inspired by. I would not describe myself as a regular of Moscow night clubs but still we have many good places, every year they become more numerous. Among the most popular, there is Bersenevskaya Embankment with its clubs and bars, then the Arma plant… and a heap of other places,too.

If we were to fly in for some days, what are the things we really should do and places you would you recommend to visit? What is the latest hype in Moscow right now?

To be honest, Moscow it not a city which can be seen and explored in a couple of days. Cities such as Moscow, Paris or New York need a longer period of time to be truly understood and experienced within their unique ineffable atmosphere. So now I could just list the most known touristic places, like Red Square, Tverskaya Street, Gorky Park, the Tretyakov gallery, but maybe I should rather mention such streets as Sretenka, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Kitay -Gorod, Prospekt Mira, I simply adore those places in Moscow! And I would recommend to go on a night ride by car across Moscow when there are no traffic jams: it is easy to book and very charming. A kind of must have for tourists at the moment, I guess, would be visiting one of the fancy restaurants with a panoramic view of Moscow… because Moscow from a bird’s eye perspective is so incredibly beautiful!


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