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Charlotte Jörger / New Madison

shot in Paris on March 1st, 2016 / published on June 27th, 2016

Before taking you back to Milano and other destinations, this week we are taking a step back to our time in Paris last March. The streets were chilly, the sky still grey. But it was a great chance to explore both the traditional and modern architecture of the city with Charlotte Jörger, a model and graphic design student from Germany, while also having a talk about analog photography, art groups and beautiful patterns. And as much as we enjoy wearing less at the moment, we can’t deny how charming she looked in her coat and scarf. See for yourself and enjoy this new feature!

Thanks for meeting us, Charlotte! We have been taking some pictures at your Parisian agency, and at the time you were living right upstairs. What is actually the best and the worst about living over the head of your booker?

My agency is pretty cool, and since it was my first time in Paris, it was great to get to know all the people there. That’s why having my room over the office has been very handy and comfortable to me. If you have any question or problem, you’ll always have someone you can directly speak to. I hurt my feet right on the second or third day of my stay and everybody has been taking care of me and always asking how I was doing. And obviously the best has been all the nice and cool girls I met there, with whom I had a great time. And on top of that, since I really love sleeping, being able to sleep a little longer when I had a call at the agency was great. There was really nothing negative to it, at least for a first time. I can’t really say if it’s going to change after having been in Paris more often, though…

What was your first impression of Paris?

The very first impression as I stepped out of my train and looked into the sky was pretty grey. But then on the way to my agency, while I was carrying a suitcase so heavy I could hardly lift it, I took a break, bought myself a crêpe, and felt in love with this city. Paris’s vibe is beyond words. You got all these amazing buildings and so many different people, you don’t even know where to look first.

How far has your life changed since you have been scouted? And what are you looking for in your way as a model?

Since I have been scouted last year, I have started to open up to strangers – that was kind of hard for me before. I have grown more self-confident, met a lot of new people on my travels, and have learned to be myself! I would like to use this venture into modeling as a chance to get to know myself better and realize what I really want in my life, and what I don’t. I’d like to experience as much as possible and see how I handle it. And obviously I am looking forward to meeting many creative people and having a good time on my travels and at what I am doing.

At the moment you are attending a school for graphic design, but you told us that you are more into art and wouldn’t mind taking a different path instead of working at an agency. What is art to you? Do you see yourself more as an artist or in the service of the arts?

To me art can be everything when creative people put their ideas into it so that you can experience how they feel or think about a special thing or theme, and they do it in a sincere way rather than to impress others. Art has so many facets you can hardly tell what aspects make a work of art anymore. Personally, I would rather work in the service of arts first and time will then show whether I will eventually start doing my own. I could picture myself founding an art group with some friends, like the Brücke in Dresden, hahaha… but you never know where life will take you. The most important for me would be working with many different people to discover new aspects of the arts and be inspired by them.

At school you have learned classic darkroom skills, too. Do you think the analog medium is still relevant to the creative process today? Why is analog photography still so fascinating?

The analog medium still plays an important role for me. The old should never be forgotten. First because there are still a lot of applications of these old techniques, which are hardly or no longer possible with new modern methods. You could try to replicate those effects, but you’ll lose way too much authenticity. And then while working in the darkroom you learn to value all the work that goes into it. And the number of people who are building on old, traditional techniques is growing back!

What is actually the most beautiful pattern your graphic savvy eye has ever seen? Would you ever wear it?

Oh, that’s a though question! There is so much I like, so much that inspires me! But I really love the woods and everything that lives in there. Like the structure of wood, the individual annual rings and colors of trees, those are tremendously beautiful. But I am not sure I would wear it, maybe I’ll have to find another way to illustrate it first. I also love lines and scribbly stuff, that’s why I really like the drawings of my little cousin. It’s very interesting to observe what goes through the minds of kids and how they express it. And I would definitely make myself a T-shirt with one of her drawings!

How would the soundtrack of this first model trip of yours sound?

The soundtrack would feature a bit of everything – something nervous, something thrilling, something more relaxed, something happy and obviously something from the 80s. Because I am really into that! The two songs that must be in my Paris playlist would be Police’ „Every little thing she does is magic“ and Cindy Lauper’s „She bop“. I have been listening to them constantly on my way to castings.

And when it’s time to go back to Freiburg, what are you most looking forward to?

Reuniting with my family and friends, obviously!


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