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Charlotte Grace / The Hive

shot in London, Sept. 9th, 2015 / published: Oct. 19th, 2015

What would a stay in London be without a stop in the East End! And so we were more than happy to follow Charlotte Grace’s suggestion. We had a walk among the concrete and bricks for our feature, but we truly did not expect to run into a love lock fence right in Shoreditch! London always has a surprise in store!

Charlotte, you picked Shoreditch as the location for our shooting. Why Shoreditch?

Shoreditch is one of the first areas of London I really got to know – there are so many castings and shoots over that side of London. It has a lot of character, and there are so many new places to eat, drink and relax around there.

You actually live and study just about an hour train ride away. How is life as a student in Cambridge?

Pretty hectic! The uni terms are short but intense and I love being busy. Plus, the city is so beautiful and my college is right on the river.

How do you balance work, studies and fun?

It’s very easy to get caught up in one or the other but I try hard to keep the balance. Modelling since I was 15, I had to juggle school and work, often jumping on the train right after the last bell to get to a casting. It’s tough because you realise that you can’t do everything but my family and friends are very supportive and that makes all the difference.

Your modeling career started right outside Topshop on a shopping spree around Oxford Circus. How did it go from there?

I can’t imagine how many girls have been scouted there – the prime location for it. I didn’t know what to expect and thought I’d try it out. The freelance scout introduced me to Laura.. and she’s been my booker ever since!

As much as you love traveling, you said, you love working in London. What’s so different here from other fashion markets?

There’s so much diversity in London. There is such a range of jobs which makes the whole thing very exciting.

What do you feel the experiences you gain working as a model are adding up to your education?

I’ve definitely become more confident and independent through modelling. I was very shy when I first started but I’ve learned how to express my opinion and communicate effectively which is important not just for my studies but also more generally.

If you could pick something from your current job as a model and keep it into a future occupation, what would it be?

It has to be the excitement of the job – you hear a lot of people say that work is a chore but modelling never felt like that and I hope none of my future jobs do!


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