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Catherine Neilson / Select

shot in London, Sept. 4th, 2015 / published: Oct. 5th, 2015

For this very first feature from London, we are taking you straight to Regent’s Park where we shared a walk with Catherine Neilson on the way from her agency to her train. All tourists seemed to be there just for the flowers, so we could just enjoy the little time we had with this lovely English rose.

Catherine, you grew up in Worcester in the middle of England. The city is probably most known in the world for its namesake sauce. But with a history dating back to Roman times, a still very visible Medieval tradition and now a fast-growing University, Worcester is clearly more than just sauce. What does it mean to you? And if we were to visit, what should we see?

The school I went to in Worcester was actually situated in the Cathedral Close which meant at times I was actually studying in classrooms within the medieval buildings. I grew up and met my closest network of friends in Worcester, so it will always be a city I’ll remember and return to.

Many tourists visit the cathedral in the city centre. The cathedral is situated next to the River Severn. You can walk from cathedral along the river (admiring the picturesque scenery) to the racecourse (which hosts horse races throughout the year) and on to the pedestrianized city centre shopping area.

You have been scouted during the Clothes Live Show in Birmingham. The show is very popular in the UK but could you please tell us foreigners a bit more about it? What is it about and how big is it?

Clothes Show Live is a large fashion and beauty event which takes place in Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC). It showcases the latest fashion, beauty and music trends through features and stands.

You were very young back then. Was modelling something you wanted to try or did it just happen?

I was interested in modelling at the time but never seriously considered trying it due to my age. However when I was approached by Select, I was excited by the opportunity to find out what it was all about!

Before going full-time, you had some time to make your first steps beside school. Do you think it was helpful for you as a person to slowly grow into it?

Yes definitely. Not living in London I had little knowledge of the area. By making the first steps into the world of modelling whilst still at school I have gained experience travelling around London and going to castings on my own. I have also gained in confidence through attending castings and work opportunities, both of which will help me when I become full-time.

Is there something particular you are looking forward in your career as a model? Any particular goals?

I look forward to the varied opportunities and experiences modelling could offer me both here, in the UK, and abroad. Meeting people in different professions across the fashion industry is also something I am excited about. A big goal of mine is to work for well-known international companies!

We have been on walk through Regent’s Park up to Queen Mary’s Gardens and back along the lake. You told me you just have been in Borneo on vacation. It must have been overwhelmingly beautiful! Is nature something you feel connected to?

Borneo was an amazing experience! It was good to see a range of wild animals in their own habitat up close – a new experience for me!

There are probably gonna be one or two challenges in your way as a young woman and a model. What is the one thing that keeps you grounded, when times get busy?

When times get busy I usually take a moment, step back, think through and plan what needs to be done. By doing this I can organise myself and complete everything that needs to be done. My close network of friends, and my family, are definitely important in supporting, guiding and encouraging me.


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