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Anna Langbrandtner / SP

shot in Innsbruck on Dec. 13th, 2015 / published on Feb. 29th, 2016

While we are on our way to Paris for some more fashion week craziness, we thought you might like a little time off with another stunning face we met in Innsbruck. Anna carries the fresh beauty of an alpine landscape in her heart and a down-to-earth view on things we know well, being ourselves (at least halfway) a kid of the mountains. Maybe that’s why we enjoy all and every trip to Austria we can take. Even if we can’t share the delicious food here with you, we hope all the beauty of this land and the wonderful people are reason enough for you to follow us for another Austrian feature!

Anna, you were born into a majestic natural setting. How important is nature to you?

I really care for nature and for all the beautiful spots we have in our region! My hometown Zell am See is a little gem, with its Alps and the lake attracting people from all over the world to come and spend their holidays here. I can’t but be happy to call it home!

How much time do you actually get to spend outdoor?

I try to be outdoor as much as I can! I am very active and enjoy every minute I get to spend in the open. I love going for a run or putting on my skis and riding down my mountains whenever I find the time!

How would you describe your way of life?

I am pretty modest and don’t need much to be happy! My family and my friends are the most important thing!

You told us you are very determined– what gives you the strength to achieve your goals?

True, when I set myself a goal, I won’t stop trying until I achieve it – eventually. But the ultimate motivational boost will always come from my mother. She always finds the right words to pick me up. The best piece of advice ever I got from her, too: “Always focus on the positive”.

Have you always had an interest in fashion? And if so, how has working as a model influenced your view?

I have always been pretty fashion-interested, but I am learning a lot about the business since I started modeling! It’s very interesting to be able to peek into the system behind all the spectacle!

Just a few months ago, you were simply a girl on an apprenticeship in fashion retail. Would you have ever expected to be scouted?

No, I would have never expected it. But being a model I got to meet so many nice people and to visit so many places and I love it!

Fashion is traditionally at home in the biggest cities. How does big city life feel for someone coming from such a pristine paradise like Zell am See? What’s the most exciting, what the most weird?

When I started to model I had no clue about big city life! On my first travels I learned to appreciate the city and all the beautiful spots one gets to discover there. I really loved staying in Milano, people are so friendly and always ready to help! Whenever you end up looking lost starring into your city map, it takes no time and someone will come up to you with some useful directions.

And now let’s imagine you were to be gifted a free trip, where would you go?

I’d love a trip to Paris! I have always been dreaming about it, but, who knows, maybe modeling will get me there!


©modelsintheraw.com / photos: Thomas Sing / text: Chiara Padovan