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shot in Paris on Mar. 2nd, 2016 / published on May 9th, 2016

Five minutes and 100 meters before we got to Anna’s hotel in Paris we got caught in the pouring rain and arrived completely soaked at the door. The plan was actually to have a little walk around the block, but when the weather is against you and time is so strictly scheduled as during fashion week, well, you have to improvise. By courtesy of the hotel we could use the tiny lobby for some cool pictures and have a chat about her first time in NYC, working in Asia, and always having a book in the bag. Making the most of the moment is something we have come to learn on this journey, thanks to everyone we met and all the circumstances we run into – so we hope you’ll enjoy this new exclusive feature!

Thanks for meeting us for a super fast shoot in-between castings, Anna! And congratulations on starting off fashion month as a Calvin Klein exclusive in New York! Was it your first time in the big apple?

Thank you for such a fun shoot!!! Yes, it was my first time in NY and I fell in love with this city. It’s so international, so many talented and creative people around! The atmosphere there is like nowhere else. It just inspires me to move on and work harder and harder!!!

You have been modeling for 4 years now, spending a lot of time in Asia – Tokyo, China, Honk Kong, Singapore… Do you feel Asia has influenced you in any way?

Yes, for sure! That’s where I got my working experience. Before I had no idea what modeling was about. It was like my 4 years University of Modeling.

But beside working as a model, you are actually studying international management in Kiev. How do you manage to keep track of both and how much time do you get to spend at University?

I have all my homework with me, so all I need it’s just free time and the motivation to do it. But I still need to go to university when it’s an exam time. It’s twice a year just for 2 weeks.

How is life in the Ukraine right now? Having seen quite some places already, is your home country the place where you wish to settle down one day?

Life in Ukraine is not easy at the moment, but I believe it will change! And yes, you are right, I’ve visited so many places, and there’s still so many more I want to visit, so for now I can’t say where exactly I will settle down one day.

Anyway, you seem to be working on becoming a citizen of the world – you even started learning German! How come?

As I’m studying international management, I have to know at least 2 foreign languages. But it has always been in my to-do list to know more than just English, Ukrainian and Russian. So I thought, why not to start from Deutsch?

Learning a new language is somehow learning to see the world with new eyes, or discovering a new world altogether. That is said of books, too. What are your three favorite books of all times?

My three favorite books of all times would be: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Martin Eden by Jack London, and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.

And you never leave for castings without a book. What are your reading right now?

Just now I’m reading The Defining Decade, a self-development book by Meg Jay. It’s about why our twenties matter, and how to make the most out of them.

What was the most important lesson this life as a model has taught you?

Starting modeling was my first step into adult life, because I had to leave my home and parents when I was 16 and have been traveling alone since then, so some lessons of adult life are probably the biggest ones so far.

What do you wish for the future?

Actually I am the kind of person who lives in the present. I don’t like to wish for something that may or may not happen, so I am just enjoying what life brings me…

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