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In a world where everyone must turn into a brand, what about the nameless army selling us clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics and all sort of things? Models are key elements to the fashion spectacle. But beyond all the gloss, what life are they living?

The project Models in the Raw was born out of a desire for realness, simplicity and authenticity. It chases a glimpse beneath the surface of glossy imagery by portraying those who bring a whole industry to life by lending it their faces: the models. They are handed back the choice of their own presentation including the clothes and the place they would like to be photographed in, been only asked to “come as they are”. The portraits are shot on film for an increased reality effect and accompanied by an interview based on the conversation we had during the session. In an attempt to raise awareness for these young women, their interests, aspirations, views and conditions, the focus is on the person rather than the profession.

The wish is for a change in how models are perceived, both within the industry for better working conditions and on the outside to promote a more open and diverse view on beauty. While the luxury market still builds majorly on unrealistic representations of the female body, we are positive that there is a need for another approach. Well aware that truth generally is not a value a photograph can convey, its strength lies in the human dimension of a brief crossing of paths.

Models in the Raw was founded in 2015 by Thomas Sing and Chiara Padovan. Today Chiara is our Editor in Chief, while Thomas is still photographing all the portraits we feature.

Would you like to share your story? Write a message to hello[at]modelsintheraw.com